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Bonne Aparte

19 Sep , 2015  

For about 5 years we haven’t heard a lot from the intense noiseband Bonne Aparte. But now it appears that the band is making a ‘comeback’. In 2008, the sextet released an eponymous album
with a.o. Wham!Wham!Records/Subbacultcha!/Konkurrent. This album can be considered as one of the most creative collection of songs from its time. In 2010 they released a long track on Myspace titled “I have doubled in size”. Since then Bonne Aparte has remained silent.
In the meantime, several bandmembers have been active in Eklin, Herrek, Venijn, Luik, Bebe Fang, Mike Koldin etc. You know: that badass scene in Rotterdam. On September 25th the band in its
new line-up will  wreak havoc in the Gym, so bring your earplugs, because this show is going to be LOUD.

Venue GYM
Time From 22.00h

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