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Boom / Virtual Tree-Hugging

8 Sep , 2015  

A multidisciplinary Virtual Reality team from Groningen, composed of Happy Ship, Sander Bos and Chantalla Pleiter specifically create the set-up “TREE” for GRRN.
A VR/AR/RL experience combined with tactile stimulus that researches multiple interpretations of reality. How realistic does the surrounding or an object need to be? And what influence does the medium have on our sense of ‘presence’ (‘to truly be there’) in the virtual world? A little virtual trip through the world of different techniques in order to give shape to reality. Come and hug TREE!
Other than that, Happy Ship presents: The Swing. Swing virtually in Der Aa-Kerk! And pioneer in the field of VR; Belgian technological theatric ensemble CREW showcases their mobile VR experience: C.A.P.E. (Cave Automatic Personal Environment) will make you step into a different space, time and body.

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