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C.a.p.e. / in the center of the experience

11 Sep , 2015  

What if you could physically walk through the past en possibly even the future? What if you could remove yourself to a reality that ISN’T THERE? What if the artist takes charge of your reality and literally positions you inside the art piece? C.a.p.e (Computer Automatic Personal Environment) is a futuristic system, a highly technological configuration and artistic concept that precisely induces that perception and illusion in the body. C.a.p.e. places you in the center of the filmed material. Thanks to videoglasses, trackers and a headphone it is possible to explore a new reality, a different space and time. CREW, the ensemble centered on artist Eric Jos, used C.a.p.e. to create a form of performance that places the audience in the center of the experience. Since 2010, CREW produces short C.a.p.e creations that continually research a new aspect of the artistic potential of the C.a.p.e format.

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