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3D printers

5 Sep , 2015  

3D printer

3D printers can be used to make quick prototypes, visualise complex mathematical objects and even provide your lab with fully customizable holders and other tools. Now that this way of manufacturing has become cheap and accessible, the possibilities to innovate are vast and only limited by your own imagination! This exhibit includes objects that were […]

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Anomatic Coffee Machine

11 Sep , 2015  


Want to drink coffee created with power you generated yourself? Come and test the first prototypes of the Anomatic Coffee Machine. Ditmar van Dam wants to make energy that is usually lost visible through an interactive set-up used to produce coffee. His goal is to create a self-sufficient coffee machine. The machine is powered by […]

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Beer carrying robot

17 Sep , 2015  

bierdrager glas

Get a beer from the beer carrying robot designed by Team Rembrandts. They built the robot with 3D printed parts, for FRC: First Robotics Competition. Team Rembrandts is a robotics team located in Eindhoven – The Netherlands. With students from Fontys University, TU/e and Zwijsen College. HBO, WO, MBO and High school Ubbo Emmius College […]

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Ableton Live

3 Sep , 2015   Video

Ableton Training

Create beats & sounds in just a heartbeat with the Push instrument and the music software Ableton Live. Attend the presentation of Ableton Certified Trainer Menno Keij and then try it yourself at one of the workstations. Other than the basic functions, Menno will also briefly address granular synthesis. This technique can transform regular sound […]

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5 Sep , 2015  

Aquaponic_Nacht KW.jpg

Aquaponic farms may be the future of food production. You farm fish and grow plants at the same time. The fish waste feeds the plants and the plants filter the water for the fish. In this way, food can be produced in urban environments and with minimal water wastage. Ultimaker has designed a printable and […]

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The Playful City

10 Sep , 2015  


 Tarik Barri & Chantalla Pleiter   Is a continuous audio-visual and interactive set-up that invites the Homo ludens (the playful human) within us to come to the forefront… The making of structures and the creation of edifices is one of the most differential activities of mankind. Art, science, music, philosophy, language, architecture: they are all […]

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Bonne Aparte

19 Sep , 2015  

bonne apparte 2

For about 5 years we haven’t heard a lot from the intense noiseband Bonne Aparte. But now it appears that the band is making a ‘comeback’. In 2008, the sextet released an eponymous album with a.o. Wham!Wham!Records/Subbacultcha!/Konkurrent. This album can be considered as one of the most creative collection of songs from its time. In […]

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Boom / Virtual Tree-Hugging

8 Sep , 2015  

BOOM_virtueel boom knuffelen

A multidisciplinary Virtual Reality team from Groningen, composed of Happy Ship, Sander Bos and Chantalla Pleiter specifically create the set-up “TREE” for GRRN. A VR/AR/RL experience combined with tactile stimulus that researches multiple interpretations of reality. How realistic does the surrounding or an object need to be? And what influence does the medium have on […]

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C.a.p.e. / in the center of the experience

11 Sep , 2015  

CAPE kaartje 72

What if you could physically walk through the past en possibly even the future? What if you could remove yourself to a reality that ISN’T THERE? What if the artist takes charge of your reality and literally positions you inside the art piece? C.a.p.e (Computer Automatic Personal Environment) is a futuristic system, a highly technological […]

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Cello Fortress

4 Sep , 2015  

Cello Fortress Scheme

Cello Fortress is een unieke combinatie tussen een game en een live muzikale performance. De cellist bestuurt de game door melodieën te improviseren en stuurt zo de verdediging van het fort aan, dat mensen uit het publiek proberen te veroveren.