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Contrast Conspiracy

19 Sep , 2015  


Contrast Conspiracy hail from Bremen. Two guitars, two voices and twice the joy of being taken over the Wadden Sea, sharing secrets with manikins and desperately howling to moon. This singer-songwriting duo released their “Luna EP” in January 2015. Their music is all DIY and all from the heart! Contrast Conspiracy on Bandcamp Contrast Conspiracy […]

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DIY 360 Camera Robot / Arne Weiß

19 Sep , 2015  

fotorobot arne

The company 360bit from Bremen (DLD) indulges itself in the playing and making of High Res images. CameraRobots, Automated Capturing, Montage and Mapping are the focus areas of Arne. Visit the 360bit website

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The Swing | Happy Ship

9 Sep , 2015  


What would it be like to dangle from the roof-ridge of a gigantic, historic church? Find out when you seat yourself in Happy Ship’s set-up and put on the Oculus Rift. Once you equip yourself with these virtual reality glasses it appears as if you inhabit a different world – in this case you’re in […]

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DIY Drone / From dream to drone

11 Sep , 2015   Video

MHQ2 foto researchers night

To race with a drone: a boyhood dream. Two students of the Werkman College found their dream jobs, as they started working the 3D printers of FabLab Groningen. The result: a drone in thirty days. Ready for takeoff!

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Draw your future

5 Sep , 2015  

Draw Your Future_Nacht KW.jpg

What will the future look like? Do we still have the same type of housing? What solutions will we have found for the shortages of fossil fuel? What ingenious methods will we have developed to grow our own vegetables? What do you think? Create your own future!

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Eize Stamhuis / Bionica

23 Sep , 2015  


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Game of Life Fighter

17 Sep , 2015  


Game of Life fighter is a two-player game based on Conway’s Game of Life. Build gliders and spaceships, and send them towards the enemy and win!

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Google Glass – Device lab / Wouter Zijlstra

11 Sep , 2015  

google glass - nieuwe foto

What are the features of the Google Glass, what are the current practical applications and what does it still have in store for us? Wouter Zijlstra, founder of “Slimmer ICT, slimmer wifi” and co-founder of DeviceLab will give an interactive lecture and demonstration that takes you on a journey through the world of Google Glass. […]

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The Sound of Groningen

2 Sep , 2015  


What does Groningen sound like? How does sound influence your life, and how does your ideal city sound? During the Groninger Researchers’ Night we will gather data about how the audience experiences sound using an ambisonic setting, where the guinea pig is surrounded by speakers. Experience a sound environment by standing in the center of […]

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The New Way of Travel

3 Sep , 2015  


The new way of travel is a travel agency for everyday life. Research is not limited to a lab, but can be conducted everywhere. Plan a trip at this remarkable travel agency, to learn how to truly see and blow your mind, especially in your ordinary surroundings. With the investigative glasses of The New Way […]