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Senses in the mix with synesthesia

2 Sep , 2015  


A three is red, the new Justin Bieber hit smells like mint and Wednesday morning does not exist. All examples of synesthesia: the mixing up of senses. Do you want to know what it’s like to be a synesthete? If so, you should come to the Remonstrantse Kerk. Here you will experience the week of […]

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22 Jul , 2015  


Adjacent to the Infoversum you will find a truck full of technological gadgets and devices: the FryskLab. This modern library on wheels will bring you up to date with the latest possibilities and will put you to work with their ‘how to make almost everything’ mentality of their lab.

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FabLab Groningen / Launch Cafe

22 Jul , 2015  


Make the impossible with the 3D printers and scanners from Groninger Fablab, let your creativity and entrepreneurial skills flow in the Launch Café and play with the newest technological devices in the Device Lab. Make your first ‘Dronie!’ (a selfie made by a drone)

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Groninger Forum Location Hereplein

22 Jul , 2015  


Experiment in the scientific playground with demos, games and workshops. Play smart with the game strategy developed by artificial intelligence researchers and dance with a robot!

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Remonstrantse Kerk

11 Aug , 2015  


Play the lead role in a DIY dance performance in the Remonstrantse Kerk and let yourself get carried away by scents with DJ Scents of Music.

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GRoninger Researchers’ Night

22 Jul , 2015  


FR 25th SEPT from 20.00 GRoninger Researchers’ Night is the new interactive festival witch focusses on research, design and entrepeneurship. Within the theme ‘Power of Play’ you as a visitor will become the researcher! More about GRRN. *this night is part of the European Researchers’ Night: A night filled with science in hundreds of European cities.

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22 Jul , 2015  


Marvel in the beauty of the Infoversum 3D cinema made possible by the artists of ‘Visueel Geweld’ and ‘WERC’.